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The Magical ELixir

Deirdre ( ) wrote an interesting poem, which got me thinking along a different line, leading ultimately to the piece that follows.   The Magical Elixir   The waves – mound, curl, foam, then come crashing down in long, rolling cascades in … Continue reading

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Today was, I could charitably say, a difficult day. On days like this, I find that a little humor goes a long way in putting life into perspective. So, for those of you who had a tough day, or any … Continue reading

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One Is the Loneliest Number   Three Dog Night sang it. Poets and writers have written of it. Movies and plays have portrayed it. The essential loneliness of our human existence and our yearning for connection is a primal force … Continue reading

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Local News

Local News   Enter the E.R. after the choppers leave; you’ll see, without requiring to be told, in forty two beds that writhe and fight to breathe, the new Iraq that’s winnowing out the old. The girls with the legs … Continue reading

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Service   I remember my English teacher, Mr. Townsend’s favorite saying – “To those whom much is given, from them much is expected.”  Funny, how we try to live up to the expectations of those we admire, be it parents, … Continue reading

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                                                    FREEDOM               When you look in Webster’s Dictionary for the definition of “free” and “freedom” you will find the meanings as a series of negatives: “not under the control of some other person or arbitrary power; able to … Continue reading

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