Local News

Local News
Enter the E.R. after the choppers leave;
you’ll see, without requiring to be told,
in forty two beds that writhe and fight to breathe, the new Iraq that’s winnowing out the old.
The girls with the legs blown off were brought from Kut;
the man from Nasirayah’s lost his sight-
I only know because I dressed the wounds;
they’re like familiar lamps against the night.
With each charged, each unrelenting sun,
a land of ruin draws irreparably.
My friend, what have we made, what have we done?
This never was the world we wanted to see.
Frederick Foote, MD
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4 Responses to Local News

  1. Nomad says:

    Dear Jorge,Thanks for visiting my space. Reading your articles, I saw a beautiful soul. Good luck.

  2. redvelvet says:

    I featured your space on my space… I hope it sends many visitors your way…

  3. J says:

    Thanks for the comment on my space. It was touching coming from a professional colleague. I can think of more than a few times in residency where the tears ran while "on the job". If they came, I did not hide them, but still felt uncomfortable. I will never forget a mother cradling her preterm infant in the NICU moments from death and just sobbing how sorry she was as if it were all her fault (it was not in this case). Moments like that are so painful and beautiful at the same time they simply overwhelm our ability to take them in. That was years ago and the tears are still fresh and hot as I write at this very moment.Thanks again for coming by…

  4. Larry says:

    I know first hand what we have brought to Iraq. The little jungle war we lost was my time of wondering this very thought. My time there was too long and friends died, enemies died, innocent died, and souls died. This latest intervention will be worse by far than my albatross. The physical dying may be preferable to going to sleep and waking with the faces of the people you are responsible for dispatching to their heavens. The search for answers will take a long time to bear fruit and the people responsible will continue to lie and twist truths to justify their involvement. Thanks for getting this out to people and giving us a chance to voice our concerns! Great job! Larry

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