The Magical ELixir

Deirdre ( ) wrote an interesting poem, which got me thinking along a different line, leading ultimately to the piece that follows.

The Magical Elixir


The waves – mound, curl, foam, then come crashing down in long, rolling cascades in a rhythm unchanged through the eons. Water, the cradle of life on this Earth, permeates our bodies, captures our souls, fascinates our eyes, fills our ears with its tinkles and roars, tweaks our noses with its briny musk, and leaves our speech and thoughts with its indelible marks, a constant reminder of whence we came.


Have a problem? Find a SOLUTION – have that problem DISSOLVE.

Ran out of money? Now you’re INSOLVENT,

Feeling unhappy? You might find yourself DISSOLVING in TEARS, or just WASHING away your blues.

Looking to enter the Christian Kingdom? First, you must be baptized in the WATER OF LIFE.

Feeling uneducated? You’re suffering from the THIRST for knowledge. IMMERSE yourself in a good book, and your THIRST may be quenched.

Are you unworthy? Accept the Word of God, and your sins will be WASHED AWAY.

Threatened with bankruptcy? You may have to LIQUIDATE your holdings. The degree to which your holdings can satisfy your immediate debts and obligations is your degree of LIQUIDITY.

Looking to end your marriage? The judge may grant you a writ of DISSOLUTION.

Lacking in all human graces? Your soul must be SHRIVELED and PARCHED, DESSICATED of love.

Hurt the one you love? You better hope you can MELT her/his heart.

Need mercy? Better hope the judge is a WELL of kindness, a RESERVOIR of good intentions.

Starting a new life? Best make sure there is a nice baby SHOWER.

Didn’t make it on the team? You’re a WASHOUT.

Want remission for your sins? Better ask for ABSOLUTION.

Don’t want to deal with an issue right now? Perhaps, you can SUBMERGE it. If that doesn’t work, you might try DROWNING your sorrow with some alcohol.

Worried about offending odor? Best RINSE with a good MOUTHWASH.

God wants to start fresh? Create the DELUGE.

I could go on with this TORRENT of words, creating an even greater CATARACT of examples, but by now you should be seeing my point. Water and life are intertwined, and our fascination with both never ending.


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6 Responses to The Magical ELixir

  1. »»»----Påįģē----› says:

    Jorge….thanks for the kind comments, and I can easily say the same about yours…..Great blog….interesting how water is infused through our vocabulary…..but what I really loved is the first part….because whenever I feel overwhelmed or just need to step back and regain some perspective in life, nothing is more soothing to me than to stand by a stream or whatever and hear the sound of the water as it trickles over the rocks….or a the sound of a waterfall, waves crashing……those sounds just fill me with a sense of peace….I hope you\’re having a great weekend, my friend…Paige :o)

  2. Deirdre says:

    Wow, Jorge, I can\’t believe my poem inspired you to write this. You make some good points. I was thinking of some similar things when I wrote the poem. The opening paragraph of this is vivid and powerful.

  3. Marge says:

    Greetings Jorje.Human beings are, what, 90% water–something like that. It\’s only logical that water should play a major role in our existence. We are drawn to it. We immerse ourselves in it. We shed it in joy in sorrow. Anyone who has raised a baby knows (as Mark Twain\’s Adam observed after deciding that an infant is actually a fish) they surround themselves with it whenever they can. I am too familiar with the shedding of it as tears–and thank you for your compassionate and supportive words, dear friend. It is also shed as rain which makes the flowers grow…Wishing you peace.Marge

  4. not such crazy says:

    hallo Jorge…thank you for stop and comment in my space..even I think differente I high appreciate the other point of wews :)….you have interesting space and FANTASTIC photos…they are realy FANTASTIC…I look through your all albums… I cant find one what I like moust… they all are perfect and so beautiful…do you live in Europe or you like to travel through Europe?have nice day:)Anita

  5. barbara says:

    It is apparent you have an affinity for water. In my travels I find that I am always happiest when near water. Seems we have this in common, you and I. Thanks for leaving your kind comment and I hope you will come back to read the further adventures of Barbie. 😀

  6. Unknown says:

    My,my, my! Aren\’t we the talented writer?! i\’m honored that you took the time to visit my sight and drop me a line. Your web site is fascinating and fresh! I love it!

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