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We spend a lot of time talking about, yearning for, trying to achieve youth. I came across something by a man, far from his youth, General Douglas MacArthur, expressing his thoughts on this topic.   Youth is not a period of … Continue reading

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Ask Your Doctor

I survived my weekend away, a trip that provided the impetus for a piece you’ll hopefully will be able to soon read. Thanks to all who dropped by and left kind words in my absence. What follows are some humorous … Continue reading

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Out of touch

For those of you who haven’t heard me for a while, I have been having increasing trouble posting messages to your comments section. I’ve written to MSN regarding this problem, and have received only useless suggestions, none of which led … Continue reading

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BOUNDARIES   Cliffs arch their sides, Grow to the summit of forgotten fears, When, like and admonition of torrential power, they allow their sweep and breath to encompass all, breathe out, and spread their flung grandeur down To a lost … Continue reading

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A Little Laughter

For those of you who haven’t noticed, I like to intermix the more serious topics that are on my mind with some levity, as Lord knows, we all need to lighten up at times. Here, then are   21 sentences … Continue reading

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We’re going to a wedding tonight. The cynical might view this as another victory of hope over experience, but it’s nice to see young couples making a formal commitment to each other for all to see. Besides, it’s great to … Continue reading

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On the Lighter Side

Since this is Labor Day, an oxymoron, as most of us are NOT working, I thought it would be appropriate to take a break from what is destined to be a long-term ongoing story of loss and grief, and take … Continue reading

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New Orleans Blues

You’ve been seeing the reports on the news, hearing about it on the radio, but I thought you may get a better perspective from someone we know who is there experiencing first hand what is going on in what’s left … Continue reading

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