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The Geriatric Lane

The Geriatric Lane   Stopped in traffic, the DynaFlow transmission of your life slips into reverse. You depress the brake,   already to the floor, pop the imaginary clutch. Still, you have the sensation of moving backward.   You tilt … Continue reading

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The following represents editorial acumen as measured by actual newspaper headlines:   Grandmother of eight makes hole in one Deaf mute gets new hearing in killing Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers House passes gas tax onto Senate Stiff … Continue reading

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Thanks to all of you who left comments on this last poem. Death is a subject most people feel uncomfortable in discussing, and your responses reflect a broad range of feelings on the topic. I felt it was time to … Continue reading

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The Hard Part

The Hard Part   It’s not my father’s shouting, though that’s enough to drive us from him – the jackhammer cries with which he wards off phantoms,  searching for us in our real bodies, inches away.   Not his index … Continue reading

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The Race for Grants

The slow down strike at MSN Spaces appears to have resolved, and I’m grateful that we’re now back "up to speed." I don’t know if any of you ever had any exposure to writing a grant proposal, or tried to … Continue reading

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Crawling through Spaces

This entire day, my connection with Spaces has proceeded at a snail’s pace. I have fast T1 connection, and have not been experiencing this problem on other sites. Any of you having the same problem? Anyone know what to do … Continue reading

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un poco mosso

un poco mosso   I remember that evening when over a plate of reheated salmon, you lamented the neglected dignity of your beloved cello.   How the adagio in the Beethoven Emperor wasn’t just a radiant keyboard, but a caress between … Continue reading

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TIME   For thousands of years we measured its passage by the seasons, the phases of the moon. Then, the tolling of church bells and large tower clocks separated our days into smaller portions. For time itself has no divisions … Continue reading

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