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State Motto

I wonder who sits around and thinks up the state motto you see so proudly displayed on car license plates. (It’s these kind of thoughts that make those around me suggest I have too much free time on my hands.) … Continue reading

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The weekend ended all too fast, and as I already remarked to at least one of you,  reality is highly over-rated. So, it’s time to escape into a little fanciful math fom the internet.   ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + … Continue reading

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On Break

On Break I’m on break. I decided to play hooky, have someone cover my Friday class at the University, as well as my patients, and take off Thursday night to join my best friend and his wife along a still … Continue reading

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The Man in the Wound

Every day I turn on the news or pick up the paper, I read about another young man who was killed by a roadside bomb or in a firefight far away from his home. It is in the spirit of … Continue reading

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Love Quotes

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – a time during which we are expected to express our sentiments of caring to those we hold dear. (Actually, this is something we are expected to do year round, … Continue reading

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After Rain

After Rain   The cool winds sweep After rain, walk Upon the wet grass, Stroke the dripping land.   Silver crytals drop At the wind’s breath, pass From the leaf’s green cheek, And, like soft salt tears, descend.

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Motorcycle Cool

Don’t know how many of you have ever ridden a motorcycle, but it’s quite an experience. For those who ride, (and those who fantasize about riding) the following article offers a different perspective on bike safety.    Welcome to TexasMotorcycle-Safety School. … Continue reading

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