The Man in the Wound

Every day I turn on the news or pick up the paper, I read about another young man who was killed by a roadside bomb or in a firefight far away from his home. It is in the spirit of the feelings I have regarding these tragedies that I offer you
The Man in the Wound
Quiet the ward, quiet the dressing-cart now,
quiet the morphine drip, blessed easer of pain —
turning his head as I pass, he says, "Hi, Doc,"
asks if I’m working too hard — I look beat — overstrained.
His wound came at Nasirayah, and I was not there
to shield him from the bullets and flame, being safe in the rear;
yet his thought is always of me, the nurse or the friend,
sometimes even the enemy soldier he glimpses or hears.
With arms laid waste, he finds no reason to hate;
his comrades now are all who grieved and withstood:
just as the wound proclaims the hell all have made,
the man in the wound is raised — shown peaceful, and good.
Frederick Foote
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10 Responses to The Man in the Wound

  1. Kathryn says:

    oh! I have no words….

  2. Charlotte says:

    thanks for sharing that…hugs, lottiemae

  3. redvelvet says:

    thanks for sharing & for always faithfully stopping by my space from  time to time. I am so busy these days that I don\’t get to browse the spaces as much as I used to but hopefully I will find more time soon. Until next time… take care…

  4. Pamela says:

    Very moving…thanks for allowing us to pause in that revered moment of silence…
    What a broad spectrum your talent travels!

  5. the1stephzen says:

    Jorge,  Just stopping in to say hello.  Good entry!

  6. Magenta says:

    I think that if more people put a human face on this abstract concept "war" there would be less of it. I liked this thoughtful entry. Thanks for stopping by to visit my space.

  7. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    The world we live in can sometimes be, well, downright depressing.  It seems that lately it hasn\’t seem to change either.  Although poems like this can\’t help but make me wonder what is going through one\’s mind when tragedy of any kind strikes.  Much like when we are sick, what do we think about all those hours we lay in bed getting better?  Could one define such a time as a personal reflection period or the opportunity to simple rest and not worry? 
    Thanks as always for your insight.  It is always amazing and well worded.
    Wishing you a great weekend J.

  8. Jaime Campbell says:

    Cool entry.  I know, the news is so sad.  So sad.  I swear, I can\’t even watch it anymore.  It gets to me.
    LOVED your comment today.  How awesome for you that you are away and enjoying the coast.  I love when it rains at the beach.  It\’s just such abandon.  Waves, rain, wind.  Love it all.  Have a wonderful time.

  9. Panda♥princess says:

    Every coin has two sides.
    When you feel wound , mabey you can learn something..
    I hope make a  frinds with you

  10. Patricia says:

    Acceptance…peace in acceptance…very good…

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