We had a wonderful holiday in Northern California, and you’ll soon be able to see some photos as well as read of our adventures (if you’re so inclined.) Unfortunately, I’m working this weekend, so it may take another day or two before I have a chance to post, as well as visit with you on your sites. Until then, here’s another poem from my son, written in anticipation of a prior trip.



the calendar has become an obsession.

I constantly subtract the date from that final number.

at first, it was to assure myself that time was left, plenty.

now, the gap closes, the numbers converge, conspire to equality.

I fixate on the date, try to dilate time by watching it;

works for boiling kettles, but not this.


midnight always comes around, enters without knocking,

leaves the door open for the next day to saunter in

while the new yesterday slips out the back,

making a run for the past.


yesterday minus one.

still a while, I tell myself.


P Ferenczi

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11 Responses to Time

  1. Magenta says:

    This is a beautiful entry Jorge and I look forward to seeing your vacation pictures. Time has a way of disappearing when you are immersed in the moment.

  2. Gelert says:

    Hello Jorge, missed you, look forward to hearing all about it and seeing the pics. Excellent poem too, lots of depth there.

  3. Gayle says:

    Hey Jorge,
    Sweet comment on my blog – thanks!  One questions for you –
    Got Friends???
    I\’m looking ofrward to the pics and stories of the your time with your son.
    Stay well…

  4. PJ says:

    Good Evening,
    I visited you via JG\’s space. I have been here once or twice before, but never left a comment, for this, I am sorry. At the time, I believe I had not decided whether or not to start my Space.
    At any rate, I enjoyed your son\’s poetry. Tells me he is a loving son and admires his Father. Much love is there.
    I read a few of the earlier entries and I certainly can relate to the one entitled "FRIENDSHIP". Very well written. Thank you for sharing it.
    Your photos are absolutely lovely as well. It is most certain, I will return here.
    Until next time…..keep smiling.

  5. Stephen Craig says:

    Jorge, I recall Kelsey making a post about time.  Why is it that break time at work goes so much faster than the rest of the work day for most?  Well, we know the answer.  If one is not pasionate about the work they do, they should seek work elswere that suites them.  Easier said than done in some cases.  Tend to mark time with upcoming events that one anticipates.  Hope your trip was good and not all rain.  As ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

  6. PJ says:

    Hi Again Jorge,
    Just "peeking" in this morning to see if any photos had been added. Am looking forward to them. SMILES.
    Also a thank you for stopping by my place. Hope to see you there again.
    Are you a "night owl" ? I noticed the time posted…See? I am sooooo observant. 
    Until next time….Keep smiling.

  7. Deborah says:

    Glad to hear that you are back after a great vacation.  How was your son?  Thanks for the "tip" on my blog.  I corrected the font and hope that it works better for everyone.
    Blessed be,

  8. Jorge says:

    I just logged on to your site to leave a message, and nothing is VISIBLE in the comment section when I attempt an entry. Check it out, and see if the same problem occurs for you. If so, you need to change the color of the background or the font color. Thanks,

  9. the1stephzen says:

    Very nice lines… 

  10. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hey my friend,
    Your son is really a wonderful poet.
    I\’m glad that you guys had a great time.  I can\’t wait to read about it.  Missed you.

  11. Lakota Clay says:

    Time has passed so slowly for me until all of a sudden it was upon me, and the roller coaster ride had begun.  May it never end.  L.

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