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The holiday weekend is fast approaching, and while I have to work, I hope the rest of you will have a chance to relax and appreciate your friends, families, and the freedom which makes all this possible. There are several … Continue reading

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Art: Chalk and Steel

CHALK & STEEL   Every year the city of Pasadena sponsors a competition, where artists are invited to render in chalk on the local sidewalks an original or facsimilie of a known work. In conjunction with this event, people are invited … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s Quest

After posting some serious stuff, I felt it was time to take a break, and switch to someting more light hearted. The mental images I had when I first read the next item cracked me up, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Memory

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. We have chosen this one day to celebrate that special bond that exists between fathers and their children, and to honor the person who has given so much of his life to us. It is a … Continue reading

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Doubtless   This dense nebula of tiny blackpoll warblers   sensing the shortness of light, ready to lift into flight –   surely there are sceptics among them –   the one who flies out of formation there at the … Continue reading

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PEOPLE AND THE WORLD   If you haven’t seen the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, you have a lot of company. Describing the results of global warming upon our Earth, it provides a graphic and powerful vision of the losses we … Continue reading

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Muted   Here, she is drowning, pulled under unseen currents. Cold windows close her with darkened panes. If glass were truly liquid, it might pool against her breath.   Here is where she is frozen. If only stars could drop to … Continue reading

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How long is a year?

I received a message from my friend Marge the other day, congratulating me on the one year anniversary of my blog. For those of you who know Marge from prior visits to her Space, this kind of thoughtful attention is … Continue reading

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