This dense nebula
of tiny blackpoll warblers
sensing the shortness of light,
ready to lift into flight –
surely there are sceptics among them –
the one who flies out of formation
there at the ragged edge
the one who never leads nor seems to follow
the one who tails behind
but rises nonetheless
no heavier than a soul
and at journey’s end
arrives, doubtless, with the rest.
Veneta Masson
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10 Responses to Doubtless

  1. Cheryl says:

    Interesting with some good concepts to ponder upon…

  2. PJ says:

    Good Evening Jorge,
    I was so pleased so see that you finally made it by. Thank you. Did you happen to view the previous entry as well? It sounds as though you may benefit from it.
    Take care, my friend. I was begining to wonder how you were and was hoping all was well with you.
    Until next time….Keep Smiling.

  3. Marie says:

    Hi Jorge,
    I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for always coming up with such interesting entries. 
    I know I have missed some previous ones but I will certainly come back soon to catch up. 
    Hugs, Marie 

  4. Gelert says:

    Hi Jorge. I loved this poem. Very simple but wonderful. I sometimes feel a lot like that bird, and hope I end up in the same place too. (well, depending on where the rest are going of course.

  5. PJ says:

    YOU JUST TAKE CARE. YOU are more important than "hours". SMILES.
    Until nect time…Keep SMILING.

  6. Beach Bum says:

    this could be about so many more things than one would think it is written about.  beautiful.

  7. redvelvet says:

    Thanks… Your comment rings so true… but there are some things in life that are better left alone… 😉

  8. redvelvet says:

    good post, by the way…

  9. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    I am now back and do apologize again for the delay in my visits.  It appears that my new schedule will surely take some getting used to.  Though the change is very nice if I might say so.  I think what caught my eye in this poem is "with the rest".  Often times we feel as though we are falling behind the \’normal\’ in life; yet it is only figuratively.  In reality, we are just right.
    Thanks for this poem my friend,

  10. K says:

    Happy Father\’s Day Jorge!

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