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There is a democracy to disease. It affects both rich and poor, young and old. It strips away layers of pretension, peeling off the veneer of who we taught ourselves to be, and revealing who in fact we really are. … Continue reading

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The Poet Returns

My favorite poet just flew into town from his Paris abode, accompanied by his lovely French amour. As a result, I may be remiss for a while in visiting with you, or following up on your comments. Please forgive me.  … Continue reading

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National Service

National Service   I believe our country needs to adopt some form of national service. This belief is based on several factors. We need to address the growing state of disconnection between members of our society. Since the abolition of … Continue reading

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With apologies to all the Jeff Foxworthy and The Cable Guy fans out there, here is someone else’s view on the topic of Rednecks.   You Might Bea Redneck If … BY TREVOR SEIGLER – – – – If you go out … Continue reading

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Reading your various blogs, I can see that most of you had a chance to spend an enjoyable Fourth of July with friends and relatives. For all of you who stopped by and left kind comments on my last post, … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. Since many of you have started visiting my site only in the past year, I’m going to reprint the article I wrote for this occasion the past year. My apologies to those of you … Continue reading

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Talking about Ann Margaret-author Unknown

I came across this on LottieMae’s Space, and felt it was worth sharing with all of you who have not already seen it. Happy Fourth of July weekend to all of you.  J. Quote Ann Margaret-author Unknown I don’t know … Continue reading

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