The Comfort of Water

My body has returned to the States, though my spirit keeps lagging nine hours behind. Soon (I hope) we shall be reunited, and I’ll have a chance to start posting the details and photos of what was a magical two weeks in Austria and Bavaria. I hope to be able to catch up this weekend with visiting all of you who have been kind enough to stop by and leave messages here during my absence. Until then, here is another piece from my favorite poet, whose company I had a chance to enjoy during our recent trip.

the comfort of water
, near Sagres,
the earth pokes a naked finger
of stone into the
a natural pier two hundred feet
above the gnashing surf.
patient fishermen drop their lines
two hundred feet into the surging water
and wait for dinner to make its fatal error.
I am told a few fisherman disappear yearly.
I scramble across moonscape rock
to the end of the land.
far below, the sea strains
against the stone walls
like a besieging army.
my passport and papers are in my pocket.
no one knows my name for five hundred miles.
the sea spreads arms of spray, beseeching.
the salt breath whispers –
come to me,
I am also patient and hungry.


P Ferenczi

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25 Responses to The Comfort of Water

  1. Cheryl says:

    Welcome back and I can see why he is your favorite poet.

  2. c says:

    I like the poem — also looking forward to the pictures!

  3. Marie says:

    Welcome back!! Your favorite poet is becoming everyone\’s favorite poet!!
    I am looking forward to see the photos.
    Hugs, Marie

  4. Gelati Farms says:

    Hmmmm…well, I am welcoming home your words, your friends are welcoming home your self and hopefully soon, you will be welcoming home your spirit.  Or…someday you may just give in to that spirit and stay where it is happy.  And if you have a wandering spirit, then I suppose you will just have to appease it with frequent wanderings…
    Beautiful poetry.  You know, all poetry is is just words strung together.  And those words are available for everybody to use.  I have used each of those words (with the possible exception of Sagres, which I am quite sure I have never uttered…) and yet nothing I have ever said has sounded or felt like that.  It is such a gift…it is like putting words to the soul of a place or a moment or an event…(can you hear my brain working as I try to figure this out…?)  but I think the real gift is to recognize, in the first place, that these things have a soul.  Michelangelo believed that when he carved, he was releasing the thing, the spirit that existed inside the marble.  Maybe that is what poets do with words…
    I suspect that your favourite poet\’s mind must be a wonderful place to be and to be around.  No wonder your spirit is still lingering!
    I am looking forward to reading about your adventures…your favourite poet isn\’t the only one with a gift for words and for showing us the soul of things…

  5. Holy says:

    Who is that masked poet?  Your son? 
    Now I want to go to Portugal.  I love travelling to capes and peninsulas and points at lands end that jut out onto the sea and force us to be voyeur\’s to the sea\’s daily work.  These are always the most expansive of vistas where you seem to overlook everything and yet nothing escapes the soul\’s vision in the moment.  From sea to see, if you will.
    And what a beautiful time of year you chose to visit Bavaria.  We have a panoramic framed print in our house of Stein am Rhein in Switzerland, from a visit there years ago.  My husband\’s father is from Switzerland so we daytripped from Aarau to Austria and all over but not to Germany, sadly.  Someday…maybe on the Portugal trip.
    Anyways, guten tag and I\’ll look forward to snippets of your adventure and your great photos, of course.

  6. Stephen Craig says:

    Jorge,  Welcome back!  Looking foreward to the pictures.  I lived in Germany for over a year when I was in the service.  Loved it.  As ever be well.  Stephen

  7. PJ says:

    Good Afternoon Jorge,
    First off…WELCOME HOME! The poem is lovely . That favorite Poet of yours is indeed unique. SMILES.
    Anxious to see the photos. I am certain that you captured the essence of Austria as well as Bavaria.
    Get rested up and make us all smile…big time.
    I re-posted my Halloween entry due to the fact that the graphics did not show up for anyone. Why? I have no clue. Hope this one entered will be visible.
    Until next time…Keep smiling.
    And again…WELCOME HOME, Jorge.

  8. Jane says:

    Hmmn…I can smell the ocean, how wonderful!

  9. katie says:

    That\’s a beautiful poem.Thanks for your comment- I have trouble remembering the tourniquet too, lol!Katie

  10. Vonnie says:

    Beautiful poetry there, friend. I love poetry… good poetry speaks straight to a person\’s soul. And it seems to touch people in different ways… always more than one perspective, like abstract art. Ah… just love it. I can\’t wait to see your photos! (Glad I could bring a smile to your face… that comment brought a warm smile to my face!). God love your little heart. Looking for those pictures! ((hugs)). xx

  11. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the nice note on my space, Jorge!  I\’m glad you had such a nice time here!  I love this area, so I understand!  But I also understand JET LAG upon flying to the states!  I usually wake up before 5am when I get there and then sleep until 2 pm when I get back to Germany.  Looking forward to your photos!  Maybe I\’ll be in the background of one of them!
    Tscheuss!  Bis Spater!

  12. Unknown says:

    Lovely poem!
    Wish I\’d known you were going to Austria!  I have a good friend there who loves showing folks around, help them out, etc.  She\’s a bank manager, a great gal who visits the US most every year, driving all over the place on her own!

  13. Fenix says:

    Welcome Jorge:
    I will visit the page that you recommend me. Really I am interested in toys specially dolls. Have a great weekend

  14. Lakota Clay says:

    No one knows my name for 500 miles.  Wow!  What a concept!  Lakota

  15. dawn says:

    welcome back!
    what i write is based on Osho\’s teachings, i merely phrase the words. they kinda make a sense to me which is why i post them. im glad you like.

  16. Betty says:

    Thank you, Jorge, for your words of comfort and your expression of sympathy.
    The poem makes me homesick for Valdivia.

  17. Linda says:

    Welcome back Jorge! Umm, I\’m sure you had really good time during your holidays. Nice pictures. Thanks for your msg. I\’m too busy to update my blog recently, but I will.
    Stay in touch and bon weekend there!

  18. Unknown says:

    it sounds like magic…what a great trip to have forever as a memory.

  19. David says:

    This poem reminded me of a place in Mexico I visited with a friend.  There is something wonderful about these places where rocks meet the sea, and the poem captures that. 

  20. the1stephzen says:

    Welcome back and I like your son\’s poem. 

  21. Charlotte says:

    Welcome back… glad to hear you had a good trip and will be looking forward to seeing the photos.. hugs, lottiemae

  22. Katarzyna says:

    Hi,A really lovely poem, it makes people imagine it all so easily…I enjoyed the poem that you posted here as much as I enjoyed your site, it really appeals to me and I am glad that I have found it :)Take care,Nally

  23. Deborah says:

    I\’m pleased you were able to catch up with that handsome poet and that you shared another of his wonderful poems.  Ah, to be thirty years younger and living in Paris, but then I wouldn\’t be me, nor share via the internet the World series with my own handsome banker.  Aren\’t we lucky to have these wonderful men in our lives?  Or was luck involved at all? 
    Blessed be, and I eagerly await your photos and travel guide.

  24. Moon says:

    Dear Mr Ferenczi
    I loved your poem!
    felt i needn\’t close my eyes and feel almost as if i were there….
    (moon river)

  25. Edith says:

    My favorite… the ocean.  What a wonderful poem… I can see, in my minds eye, an amazing place in Puerto Rico where I once went down into a crevice in the rocks and was able to lounge in the underground pool there… listening to the ocean crashing against the rocks "outside" and feeling the water surge inside and then pull out again… making me feel somehow a part of it.

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