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Poetry to make you think

There are lots of reasons for writing a poem. Sometimes it’s to get out the pain that hurts so bad that if you don’t find a release, you know you’ll burst. Sometimes it’s to capture that emphemeral moment when the beauty … Continue reading

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Thanks to all of you who have provided thoughtful and stimulating commentary on the issue of happiness. Though I know there is a great deal more that could be said on the subject, life moves on, and so do I. … Continue reading

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Happiness – A Personal View

Happiness – A Personal View   For all of you who have weighed in on this topic, thank you. I appreciate the varied points of view you have presented, and by doing so, how you have enriched our dialogue. I … Continue reading

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Happiness Is A Serious Problem

Happiness Is A Serious Problem   My thanks to all of you who have weighed in on the happiness issue. Most of you have argued for building success on one’s personal strengths, and I, as well as most of the … Continue reading

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Happiness Is A Place To Visit

Happiness Is A Place to Visit   The most recent issue of the Harvard alumni magazine has an article entitled The Science of Happiness. Until only the last few years, psychologists and psychiatrists alike focused their attention on pathology and … Continue reading

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New Year Poem

I have to work this weekend, which is most unfortunate, as my favorite poet will be winging back to the Continent Monday morning. Still, it was a great gift to have him home for the holidays, and we’ll still have … Continue reading

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