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How History Works

Now that the Academy Awards are finally over, and the suspense of who will get the Oscar decided, the world can move on to other, weightier issues. In this vein, I give you the following from my favorite poet:   … Continue reading

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Beware: Abuela

I needed a smile today. The following story, passed on by my brother-in-law, provided for my need. Hopefully, it will do the same for you.   Lawyers should never ask a Mexican Grandma a question if they aren’t prepared for … Continue reading

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Watching today’s news

I was watching President Bush speaking on television today. The following poem best represents my reaction to his words.   Doctor’s Amnesia   It can’t be rare these days. After the wars, Watching Discovery Channel safe at home, I saw … Continue reading

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SILENCE   We live in an increasingly noisy society. The blaring of radios and televisions, the inescapable elevator “musak,” the cacophony of cell phones, beepers, alarms all intrude on our consciousness. Those of the baby boomer generation, with their rock … Continue reading

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Not PC

Some things strike us as being funny. However, with the PC police ever vigilant, I have to issue the following: WARNING! The following story may contain material offensive to those who see no humor in any type of ethnic humor. … Continue reading

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