Not PC

Some things strike us as being funny. However, with the PC police ever vigilant, I have to issue the following: WARNING! The following story may contain material offensive to those who see no humor in any type of ethnic humor. Now that you’ve been warned…
Yitzhak and Moshe were eating in a Chinese restaurant in London. 
"Yitzhak," asked Moshe, "Are there any Jews in China?" 
"I don't know," Yitzhak replied. "Why don't you ask the waiter? I'd be
surprised if there were no Jews in China. Our people are scattered
When the waiter came by, Moshe asked, "Are there any Chinese Jews?" 
"I don't know sir, let me ask," the waiter replied, and went back to the
The waiter returned a few minutes later and said, "No, sir. No Chinese
"Are you sure?" Moshe asked. 
"I ask everyone," the waiter replied. "We have orange Jews, prune Jews,
tomato Jews and grape Jews, but no one ever hear of Chinese Jews!" 
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17 Responses to Not PC

  1. Fenix says:

    Hello Jorge:
    Thanks for your visits and comments. 
    Humor is a very healthy option.
    Hugs and happy week

  2. Holy says:

    🙂 which is why you should never ask such questions in a restaurant.
    happy Monday!

  3. sonia says:

    Hi Jorge,how are you?
    Humour is always good,no doubts about that!
    Thank you for your words,all who are born must go one day! The memories remain and the presence of his absence is felt!!!
    Hope all is good with you!

  4. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Morning Jorge,
    Cute joke!  It is cold here in the northeast; high teens and low 20\’s during the day and close to zero at night not including the wind chill. It is called stay inside and hug the woodstove!  Picked up a heavy headcold/flu and feel too lousy to even read. Head and eyes ache etc.  It was bound to happen since other family members have it as well.
    So stay warm and enjoy that California weather.  Bittersweet

  5. Gelati Farms says:

    p.s.  sorry.  I always snort when I laugh…

  6. Cheryl says:

    I never heard tht one before.  It was well worth the trip over here…

  7. Stephen Craig says:

    Jorge,  My old friend Chef Bingo used to tell that joke.  He thought it was so funny.   The play on words reminds me of a skit I once wrote about Cheeses Crust The Christian Family Pizza Parlor.   No wonder I still have a day job!  Smile.   As ever be well.   Stephen

  8. Gayle says:

    Ok, you did warn me, but I read on anyway.  My Mom always said I had a hard head!Gayle

  9. Nancy says:

    I noticed one of the books you like is Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner.  I loved that book so much.  If you can refer any other books that are similar to this book, please let me know.  I\’ve read most of Wallace Stegner\’s books already.  I am PG kind of woman, so I like a warning if something is a little to graphic for me.  I have looked at all of your pictures and they are fabulous.  Extraordinary.  What an interesting life you have lived thus far, going to all of those beautiful places. 
    I\’m jealous!

  10. KatSoup says:

    Ha ha ha ha …
    I have also been catching up and wanted to say that you have a pure, positive, gentle way about you.  I always leave here feeling better about myself…- Well, feeling better about the world. Jeorge, I am glad we are friends.

  11. Theresa says:

    Please stop by my space and check out my greeting cards.  Spread the word!  Thanks!

  12. Gelert says:

    Well, I\’m offended. One of my best friends is an orange I\’ll have you know.

  13. PJ says:

    Good Afternoon Jorge,
    I am not sure what has happened with your site…but I am getting just a small portion of the overall entry. It seems the paragraphs are too long for the width I am seeing. Hmmmmmmm…Need to work on this.
    At any rate..I just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Until next time…Keep Smiling.

  14. PJ says:

    Problem corrected.

  15. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Morning Jorge…..
    You are falling behind here!  When I\’m taking my weekly blog walk and find the same entry…..someone is falling behind.  Thank you for your advice on getting a puppy. Part of the dilemma is that I\’ll first have to decide whether I stay in the northeast or whether I go once more back to the southwest. I\’m still straddling the fence and to sell or not the sell the house in Tucson has become a Gordian knot.  So when I resolve that, then I can begin the puppy search. Actually – if you can believe this….the breeders I\’m interested in is Arizona…..Desert Willows.  I love their Australian shepherds.  But we\’ll see.
    I have a book for you.   "The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop" by Lewis Buzbee.  It is a memoir about a salesmen and book representative who frequents bookstores and talks about the personalities of bookshops.  I think you would like it.
    At the moment I have a lovely headcold – the kind where you just hold your head still and don\’t move and nothing seems to interest you or please you.  Anyway, I will read a few pages before lunchtime.   Be well.   Bittersweet

  16. Suzalita says:

    This is very cute and speaks more to communication than racial issues…I think we all need to lighten up a bit! Great to visit you Jorge! Have a good week!

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