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VISTA – Not Always a Full View

VISTA – Not Always a Full View   My old computer was getting more buggy by the day, and after consulting my favorite poet (whose day job is writing for computer magazines) I was advised to trade in my abacus … Continue reading

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I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I’ve lived at various times in my life in several parts of our great country: Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles. I’ve traveled through and visited 44 of our 50 States, and found something in each one I found admirable. And … Continue reading

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Music and Madness

There is a close intersection between the arts and the mind, between creativity and madness. The following poem fuses the world of the musician with that of the psychiatrically disturbed. Draw your own conclusions.     Selectivity   Where thalamic … Continue reading

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Juvenile Diabetes – the Path to a Cure

 Being a doctor, I get exposed to a lot of patients with all different kinds of diseases. However, when the disease hits someone you know, your perspective changes – things become personal. I’ll let Justine tell you her story in … Continue reading

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Stunning Supreme Court Decision

I had a wonderful weekend – I’ll post some photos later in the week. Meanwhile, I found in my mailbox the following item of sufficient interest to share with you:    Breaking News: Supreme Court Gives Gore’s Oscar to Bush … Continue reading

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Horseplay   Highway 101 winds along the scenic Santa Barbara coast from Ventura north until it turns inland shortly past  Refugio State Beach, just before the turnoff to the Hollister Ranch. Dark oil platforms are framed against the background of … Continue reading

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Math Simplified

The week is winding down, and so am I. I haven’t had a chance to visit with many of you over the past couple of weeks, and it will be another week or so before I can start to catch … Continue reading

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