I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I’ve lived at various times in my life in several parts of our great country: Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles. I’ve traveled through and visited 44 of our 50 States, and found something in each one I found admirable. And still, there is one American city which holds an attraction I cannot completely explain, but find undeniable and magnetic. Regardless of the weather or the circumstances that brought me here, when I leave, the song rings in my mind – "I left my heart in San Francisco." Here are a few images from my most recent visit to the city by the Bay.
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21 Responses to I Left My Heart In San Francisco

  1. c says:

    So what did you find admirable in washington and oregon? Or are those 2 of the 6 you haven\’t been to? I have to admit I\’m impresssed. I\’ve seen a fair amount of the world in my lifetime so far, but very little of the US. I\’m hoping to remedy that this year actually.

  2. Michiko's says:

    Yes! I had memorize of San Franisco it was a long time ago that my hubby had a business trip to visits.
    I enjoyed the Fishman restuarant lol!   the photos are beautiful that everywhere in the near by water are never get tired of looked it.
    Happy Easter for you,

  3. Jungle Mama says:

    I love San Fran!  I spent an important part of my childhood in various suburbs of the city and miss it myself, though I would not move back.  I can\’t explain it, but I just have no desire to live there again.

  4. Fenix says:

    It seems a precious city…. but the people experiences make a city to be inolvidable
    By the photos a precious city seems…  but the people experiences make a city unforgettable
    I hope you are cool.

  5. K says:

    Oh… that is soooo on my list of cities that I MUST visit!!!  Thank you for sharing the pictures because it makes me want to go even more so than before!!!  Hope you are well Jorge!

  6. Marie says:

    Oh, San Francisco is also one of my favorite U.S. cities.  In fact, I still use a beautiful heart-shape keyholder that says "I left my heart in San Francisco" just to remind me of that fabulous city.  I always try to include a day or two in SF in my itinerary everytime I visit the U.S. 
    Hugs, Marie

  7. Angela says:

    California is so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of my home state… 
    I especially like your ship shot..

  8. Aimee says:

    very nice…
    :o) smiles are free and contagious…so pass one right now to the people you love and those you don\’t…soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  9. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Good morning Jorge,
    Great pictures!  It brings back many memories from a trip I made in the 70\’s.  My father wanted to visit a college classmate who resided in East Germany. My mother was leary about entering E.G. and said…..you go to East Germany and we\’ll go to San Francisco. So we planned a two week trip to SF and it turned out to be one of my most memorable trips.  I think because we did allocate two weeks and were able to see and do everything we wanted to.  One of several things that stand out was the old South Pacific Fruit Packing Company. It was no longer warehouse but a restrauant that served a Sunday brunch only every alternate Sunday. Reservations were required and months before hand. I can\’t remember the restrauant\’s name (but it will come.)  Anyway it was in a very none-descript building in the warehouse distrect but when you walked in you walked into this enormous greenhouse.  Every table was surrounded by trees and lush foliage and tropical birds were freely flying around. The buffet tables were magnificent; everything and anything you desired and when you were finished with one set of plates, they brought you out a new set and you started again. What I remember most was the fresh fruit – the mangos and papaya etc., the fish and meats, and the sweet breads and danish. It was a visual and gastromic delight.  Something you do once.
    I also had my heart set on seeing Peeble Beach. Mom and I rented a car for those two weeks and on another early morning got in the car and drove around. This time the visibility was as thick as soup and you couldn\’t see a car length ahead of you. We did find the golf course with the visibility almost none-existant but this time I\’m driving on a golf cart path along the Pacific! Not a sole around and just driving on the cart path.  If you don\’t think I was happy to get away from there!
    Then we wanted to drive down the steepest street in the world!  I don\’t remember if it was Lombard Street, or the crookedest street or just the steepest street but we drove to the top and slammed on the brakes when we got to the crest. This was another early morning – just in case we chickened out.  Well as we pondered whether we really could drive down this steep hill without having the car tumble over a garbage truck pulls up behind us.  I\’m not sure which of us got out of the car and pleaded our case that he\’d have to back up because we couldn\’t do this……he\’s encouraging us….yes, you can….just drive down.  Yes….you can!  And so we did, brakes pushed to the floor inching our way down.
    My mother was a sweets lover.  She could forgo dinner for two or three desserts.  I am the opposite. So of to the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Factory or ice cream bar.  So…..on the ice cream menu…..Twin Peaks!  Two enormous ice cream sundaes side by side, dripping with ghirardelli choclate, whippped cream, coconut and a cherry.  Huge.  I looked at it and went hysterical.  You have to be kidding me and as I\’m pondering, my mother was diligently making her way through it.
    We went in August and unbeknowst to us, because of the heat of the Sacramento Valley, the valley draws in the moisture from the ocean. I was never so cold from the moisture and the dampness as when I was there. The moisture just hung on my trenchcoat. It was evening and we walked around Fisherman\’s Wharf. Even though our hotel room was within walking distance, I said to my mother we need to pop into a pub and warm up. There was an Irish pub and on the menu was lamb stew. At that moment, I don\’t think anything tasted as good as that lamb stew.  I still look back at the stew with great fondness.
    And lastly, there were days that were so damp and raw that we\’d actually drive out to the Napa Valley and have a picnic lunch just to warm up.
    Jorge….how did you get blessed with this entry!   Be well.  Bittersweet

  10. Lana Photo says:

    nice photos, enjoy them a lot!

  11. barbara says:

    I\’ve never been out West, I am an Eastcoaster born and bred but I have often thought one day I will visit. I would love to travel through the desert southwest.So, you are going to Paris this summer and you WONT HAVE TIME for PARIS?? So sad!We spent a week in and around Paris and I hope to return one day. Paris has a draw for me that cannot be explained in words. I loved finding a little local street where the working people of that city did their shopping with little bistros lining the narrow street. That was the real Paris and it was lovely. Try to see some of it!

  12. Marge says:

    Hi, Jorge!
    As one who has not traveled extensively, I have always found your space a marvelous place to visit and always enjoy the photos you share here. 
    My beloved and I believe that if one can imagine a thing, one may in time make it come to pass. When I see your photos, I find a little more fuel for my imagination and the possibility of adventures of my own.
    The world is a beautiful place and we should all take the time to explore as much of it as we possibly can; life is too short to do less.
    Thank you for everything: the photos, the opportunities to learn something new, and, most of all, your friendship.

  13. Daniele says:

    only these pictures ??  😐

  14. Gelert says:

    Jorge – I\’ve never been to America, but this looks a great place to start. I\’ve only in the last year or two been able to fly, and I\’ve been exploring the parts of europe I\’ve not been to yet. There\’s so much world, if only we have the wisdom to grab the chance at it.

  15. Holy Schmidt says:

    Dr. F:So many great places to visit in these 50 States – but San Fran really has to go on everyone\’s top 3 list.I had the fab fortune to have SW USA as my travel territory a decade or so back, so I used to make regular trips to San Francisco, I\’d stay at the Fairmont or an equally-nice boutique hotel, ride the tram, shop with oblivion despite the poor exchange rate, and rent a car and drive down to Carmel….*big sigh*Hubby has not been since childhood tho, so it\’s a must-do romantic getaway we\’ve been chatting about for some time – the only problem – what the heck should we do about the kids? Thx for rekindling this getaway dream – must get on it! 

  16. Mercy says:

    Seems like we\’ve lived in a few of the same places. I\’ve never been to SF though. I\’ll put it on my "to-do" list.
    Love the Oscar thing!!! Loved the story of the girl with diabetes…
    Good work!

  17. Theresa says:

    I have wonderful memories of this city…thanks so much for the memories!  😉

  18. Edith says:

    Thank you so much Jorge for your sweet comment on my space!  I\’ve traveled a lot too, but never to San Francisco, though I\’ve always wanted to see it.  I love San Diego though… especially La Jolla.  I have a girlfriend living there… she works her butt off in order to live there.  I don\’t think I could do that again… it\’s like living in New York, price wise I mean.  Paying $1500/month in order to live in a tiny studio or junior one bedroom, just to be IN the city… nope… did that, been there…. I\’ll take rural and inexpensive any day… I love the extra time I have to just enjoy my life, and the peace I can have any time… the quiet… and still, if I want big city, I can drive one hour and there\’s Atlanta.  Traveling to Seattle and Las Vegas and New York once a year each is plenty of big city for me.

  19. Embrace says:

    Stopping in to see how you are and great blog, be well and visit soon

  20. lemon says:

    well done !!
    I haven\’t been to these places,though.you give me chance to touch them.
    thanks a lot~~
    good luck!!

  21. Lisa says:

    Sigh.  Have been there once and would love to go back for a longer look.  Last trip was with my parents for a sister\’s Language Institute graduation … and one where my father, whom I respect more than anything, insisted on driving through quickly and barely stopping.  Would love to go back … with my father.

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