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Medical Meaning

Medical Meaning   Ivan Illich, a philosopher, popularized the term “medicalisation”  in his 1975 book, Limits to medicine: medical nemesis. For a long time, doctors have been called upon to exercise authority beyond therapy, becoming involved in alcoholism, abnormal behavior, … Continue reading

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Dear Abby Stumpers

For those of you with good memories, you will recognize this as I piece I had posted a couple of years ago. As it has been a busy weekend, followed by the usual work crush, I haven’t had the time … Continue reading

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Umbrella Burlesque

Sometimes life seems filled with hidden meanings, or is it simply our attempt to create order out of the apparent chaos that surrounds us? You have to decide which interpretation you prefer. In the meantime, here is –   Umbrella … Continue reading

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First Time Sex

Lots of stories, even novels, have been written about the first experience of sex. Given our society’s preoccupied focus on this topic, it’s not surprising that the actual experience for many falls far from the expectation. The following tale is a … Continue reading

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Literary Taunts

There are, I’m sure, in the lives of all of us, a moment when we wished we could have delivered a witty remark, a real zinger, apt retribution for someone who has raised our ire, offended to the core, or … Continue reading

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