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My favorite poet is getting married in Paris next Friday. We are leaving this weekend to help him celebrate this momentous occasion. Parents often fantasize about the future of their children, and I confess I’m no different. However, when he … Continue reading

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I was listening to the television the other night, trying to catch the news. (I know -that’s almost an oxymoron.) There was an expose on the local station concerning fraud in the auto repair business. A hidden camera filmed the … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Before I start writing this next piece, I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have responded with such kindness and encouragement to my last entry. I’m happy to report that the clouds have lifted from … Continue reading

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This Hard April

Anyone who’s lived even for a short time knows that life holds disappointments, corners filled with sorrow and loss. Conditioned by experience, many of us learn to hold our hopes in rein until the goal we seek is clearly in … Continue reading

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The Annual Physical

I’m going tonight to help celebrate a friend’s landmark birthday, one of those ending with a zero. When we were young, the milestone markers were six, thirteen, sixteen, twenty-one. Then the anticipation and excitement of those birthdays started to decline, … Continue reading

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