Hot Flash

The holiday season is in full swing, the roads are crowded with cars, and the parking lots are overflowing with shoppers frantically searching for that right gift for someone special. We’ve solved the dilemma a number of years ago by deciding to tell all our friends and relations that the only thing we desired from them was the pleasure of their company throughout the year. For those who felt compelled to give a gift, we gave them the names of our favorite charities, and they can make a contribution in our name. For the most part, the folks we know have responded in kind, making Christmas a whole lot less stressful for all of us. Still, there are occasions when we feel we would like to offer some special acknowledgement to one who’s close to us. Perhaps understanding is the gift in the basket of our poet today.
Hot Flash(er)
Once it was every twenty-eight days or so,
the monthly cycles,
imperfect circles
returning to bloat you like a full moon.
Now it’s always twenty-eight minutes to go
(trading curse for curse)
before the first
radiant warmth overcompensates too soon
along transcendent menopausal skirt,
where sudden sweats unleash
subtle acts of striptease:
kicking off covers, unbuttoning your shirt–
but only for the murder of some minutes,
perhaps four,
till you’re aware
that just as quickly as you were in it,
you’re back out again, reaching
for your cover
or your lover’s
arm, placing it across you like a wing,
protective, warm, until the next thermal turn
has you flushing,
blood rushing
to your face in a blush of slowest burn.
John Pidgeon
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13 Responses to Hot Flash

  1. PJ says:

    Good Evening Jorge,
    Oh My Gosh!!! This is SOOOOOOO true. LOL. You always seem to bring laughter to my world. And for this ..I thank you.
    We do something similar for Christmas giving here with the exception of buying a F-E-W gifts for the grand children. Charity should be given year round however, we both are aware this isn\’t necessarily the way it works.
    Happy Holidays to you and your loving family and again..Thank you for being a part of my blogging friends!
    Until next time..Keep Smiling..

  2. Michelle says:

    I\’ve heard about the hot flashes from others and this is a great poem.
    This time of the year can really madness. I am thankful "most" of my family understands our need to keep it under control and trying to be more thoughtful than going broke trying to buy the perfect gifts.
    I like your way of celebrating Christmas.
    P.S. About the book…I think I need its help. I always got red marks on my Writing papers in school. :S

  3. Michelle says:

    Correction: ….can really BE madness
    Sorry 😉

  4. dawn says:

    hi Jorge RE: your comment on my spacei call it my ninja ink                     :pif you really wanna see the words all you hafta do is highlight the blank spacep.s: very kind of you to have thought up the idea of transferring the goodwill and presents to your favorite charities. its a ripple effect, perhaps 🙂 you must be doing something right, to be so blessed. anyhow i wish you and yours a truly joyous christmas  season. affectionately, dawn

  5. Fenix says:

    Hello Jorge
    Thanks for your words in my space.
    Have a great week

  6. sweeti's says:

    Indeed No presents….Christmas  is th birth of Jesus….lets think of that.
    its not a christmas tree. or the presents  under de tree…. ..hmmmm…its more than that.
    welll  enjoy   and i love ur idea…No presents..Just having fiends around u and enjoy each other
    love to u and ur loved ones
    God bless u

  7. Betty says:

    Hi Jorge,
    I love presents – not so much receiving them, rather giving them.  It is a hassle, but, what can I say, for me it is worth it.  We also get names from an "angel tree" and fulfill someone\’s wish who otherwise would receive nothing. 
    I love Christmas!

  8. CM says:

    Wonderful idea for Christmas giving!!!  We only give money gifts to our children and grandcildren as a family gift and friends have the pleasure of our company….. 
    Loved the poem and am glad those days are behind me…. have a wonderful week.
    hugs, mtgal

  9. Joe says:

    I have to admit we (my wife & I) are at the hot-flash stage of life.  It too, will pass.  Just another transition.
    Peace be with you,

  10. Cheryl says:

    Great idea on the Christmas rush.  I buy each grandchild one thing each year for their birthday and Christmas and then every other time I feel like it.  So I go shopping one time and I am done.  Loved th poem and sure glad I am finished with that period in my life.

  11. Jungle Mama says:

    Oh, poor thing!  I really do feel for you now.  I wouldn\’t have a few years back, but now after watching two of my mothers suffer from these nasty things I realize what a trial they are.  Something I am not looking forward to in the future.

  12. Fenix says:

    Hello Jorge:

     My Best wishes for Christmas and forever


  13. c says:

    Thanks for all your comments during my absence. I\’m trying to return the visits and catch up a little. You\’re absolutely right, "Very few things are better than good food and drink shared over intelligent conversation with an amicable group of friends." I\’m incredibly nostalgic about my trip just from catching up on comments and it was only a few months ago!

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