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Gone Fishing

Starting next week, I’ll be gone for two weeks, traveling with some good friends, meeting up with my favorite poet and his new bride, and doing everything I can to reinforce for myself the concept that life is not always … Continue reading

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I see them in my office, their look slightly haunted by the memories of having been here before, though not alone. Their fingers absent-mindedly trace the circle of their wedding band, as we talk not about their own illness, but … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

New beginnings are hard. Sometimes we make a conscious choice to start over again, or at least change directions. At other times, the decision is forced upon us, ala Mr. Spitzer. Regardless how it comes about, change represents both danger … Continue reading

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Identifying the Body

The earth has completed another elliptical swing around the sun, signifying the passing of another year in my life. The event was celebrated by those closest to me in the sharing of cards, phone calls, cakes, bottles of wine. I … Continue reading

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