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Visitor in the Night

A couple of nights ago we had a midnight visitor.  We woke up in the morning to find that the Creepy Crawley pool cleaner had been lifted out of the pool, and that the hose had been shredded into small … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday

Another weekend is starting, tarnished somewhat by the relentless specter of disease that never takes a holiday, and demands that those of us who have chosen this battle be also willing to carry on the fight 24/7.  I’m fortunate in … Continue reading

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Common Sense

My friends Bruce and Ana brought the following piece to my attention. For some time now, Common Sense has been an oxymoron for many of us who observe the world. I hope the following will help inform the rest of … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring

Before I forget, I noticed last weekend that the visit count to this site has rolled past the 50,000 mark. I wish to thank those visitors who’ve stopped by here in the last couple of years, but especially those of you who have … Continue reading

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