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Economic Reaction

In my post of September 20, "A Small Proposal," I spoke of my reaction to our current economic crisis. Since then, I’ve come across a wonderful work in verse by Gayle, dealing with the same topic. She has given me … Continue reading

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Headline News

The headlines in the news have been rather grim as of late. Seeing as it’s now Friday, and we all have to take a lighter view of life if we are to survive the coming week, I thought you might … Continue reading

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A Small Proposal

 A SMALL PROPOSAL   Not many of you could have possibly escaped the recent gyrations of our financial markets, or the responses of our government in dealing with the crises. Regardless of the pundit’s position in favoring or opposing government … Continue reading

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It Comes

There is nothing that comes without a price. My Favorite Poet has found his Love, and their happiness is a wondrous thing to behold. His Muse, however, dwelt more in sorrow, and the presence of so much joy seems to … Continue reading

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Careers and Life

Medicine makes a lot of demands on those who chose to follow its calling. For most, the personal sacrifices are an unavoidable price that has to be paid. For others, the long hours provide an acceptable excuse for avoiding some … Continue reading

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