Economic Reaction

In my post of September 20, "A Small Proposal," I spoke of my reaction to our current economic crisis. Since then, I’ve come across a wonderful work in verse by Gayle, dealing with the same topic. She has given me permission to have you come by and read her words. I found them quite moving, and I suspect you will do the same. Below is the link to her site. Be well.
Hope you all were able to enjoy this beautiful weekend.
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8 Responses to Economic Reaction

  1. Hope says:

    we are in lots and lots of trouble that is for sure.. there was this lady who called in at a new program.. her idea for a good fix to the problem was this.she said .." according to the US census.. rather than bail them out.. the government could give all of us 750,000.00 that way we all could pay off our morgages  our car loans.. and still have enough money left over to buy some needed "stuff" that way it would help all of our economic mess we find ourselves in.. I tend to agree with her.. but then we are talking about our government.. so that is totaly out of the question.. I mean why help the people when you can help the big companies.. what really pisses me off about all of this. that most of the notes belong to overseas.. like China and Japan..oh yea.. this is going to fun..anyway. hope you have been well..and are enjoying the beautiful weather while its around..hugs

  2. Patricia says:

    Jorge, the poem shows she has some real knowledge of what\’s going on…the haves will make sure, in some way, that they always have…

  3. Beth says:

    Absolutely perfect.  Excellent poem!  Thank you for the link.

  4. Jana says:

    Hi Jorge,
    it is a very good poem. I was reading more posts from her and she has some good points of view.

  5. sweeti's says:

    JorgeBelgium……A very small country…but loaded with electricity..
    i mean banks  ( fortis)   in trouble….Savings from  hard working  ppl..on the edge .
    its everywhere   Jorge  Not alone in ur BIG country
    Tx for sharing Gayle her blog…
    We have our dreams  Yes/???  no war….no pain…no hunger..
    will that ever be…i dont think
    im smiling
    wish u a wonderful week

  6. PJ says:

    Good Evening Jorge,
    I will check out the link soon. Thank you in advance.
    Until next time..Keep Smiling.

  7. Jane says:

    I\’m a starving Realtor, this economy has ruined me.

  8. Yours Truly says:

    Hi  Jorge,
    How could everything get so completely messed up in just a few short years?  Thanks for this link.  I took a look.  My concern is that people will continue to vote based on what – things that are totally irrelevant.
    I hope your day is going well.

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