One Question

The New Year is progressing with astonishing speed. Seems like the Rose Parade has just ended, and already more than a week has flown by. A valued friend from the Pacific Northwest dropped me a note, asking me to comment on the momentous presidential inauguration coming up soon, as well as the new Surgeon General. (Does anyone remember any Surgeon General since C. Everett Koop?) However, I prefer to let the pundits pontificate on such weighty topics, especially as there is no shortage of them on any given channel you care to view. Perhaps, if my ire gets sufficiently high, I’ll jump in with my own irrelevant opinions. Until then, at least for today, I’ll stick to sharing poetry with you. As someone once famously observed, we need poets, for we don’t pay them enough to lie to us. That’s more than can be said for pundits.


One Question


I ask the Parkinson’s patient

how she wants to live:

            “purposefully, like rain.”

               I imagine high clouds –

               angry water motionless

               over a wide Mesozoic desert.


            the stroke patient:

            “whole, like a symphony.”

               I take notes about notes –

               listening for silent spaces.


            The Alzheimer’s patient:

            “aware, like Spring.”

               I see seeds scattered

               by the wind –

               what they hold.


Michael Wynn

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10 Responses to One Question

  1. Beth says:

    Very profound…the words of the poem!

  2. Embrace says:

    Amazing words put together to say so very very much. Thanks for sharing this Poem. I wont forget it. Have a Great Weekend.Lisa

  3. barbara says:

    One question: The future: Shall I Live each day as if it were my last? Oh no. I must live each day as it is, attached to the next, and the next, and the next…..

  4. Charlotte says:

    Yer right, I don\’t remember any surgeon general, even the one you mentioned… maybe I should become more in tune with the workings of such but I just don\’t… Loved the poem-I shall live my days… one minute at a time…. Have a good one.. hugs, lottemae

  5. Joe says:

    One poem is worth a thousand pictures

  6. Sarah says:

    LOVE this poem, Jorge. It holds great truth under the obvious, and we are each so much more than what appears……it reminds me that we each evolve in ways that do not appear to be improvement…..but our soul knows, and we grow with all of it.

  7. Hope says:

    really like the last stanza ..speaks volumes.. the whole poem..btw.. how is your favorite poet doing? hope your Christmas and New Years was nice..

  8. Gayle says:

    Moving poem, Jorge. I\’ve begun to see age catching up with my mom and it made me think of her hopes and dreams. Glad to read that all is well and your New Year is in full flight!Gayle

  9. Marge says:

    Good Monday, Jorge…The poem is very haunting and beautiful… It brings to mind my own concern that, because one of my dad\’s sisters succumbed to Alzheimer\’s, the threat is in my genetic makeup and it could affect me.I cherish every day of lucidity.I hope life is treating you well.Marge

  10. Zeynep says:

    Yes, we need poems. And I like this poem. "Like rain", "like symphony","like Spring"; I wish every one could live purposefully, whole, aware likethat discriptions. One question, all in one, lol. Hug, Zeynep xx

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