I’m planning on taking a sabbatical from my Space for a variety of reasons. While there is a great deal going on in the world, and I have never been accused of lacking opinions, I somehow don’t feel compelled to share now, especially in light of other demands I currently have on my time. I’m also going to be away for a good part of February, but depending on the success of my travels, I may have thoughts or photos I wish to inflict on you upon my return. Lastly, I think all of us have noticed an increased awkwardness in navigating between sites following MSN’s ill thought out "upgrade." I will consider moving my site to another venue in the future, but will post my new location here if I ever make the change. In the meantime, my thanks to all of you who have been regular or even occasional visitors to Medico Musings. I’ll try to swing by periodicaly and leave comments with you as my time permits. There is always value in being part of a community, and I’m grateful for having been part of yours.
Be well,
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23 Responses to Sabbatical

  1. Beth says:

    Take care Jorge and stay safe!

  2. Gayle says:

    Be well, Jorge and enjoy your travels. Thank you for everything you have shared with me over the years and I hope you will stop by for a read and leave a word from time to time.Gayle

  3. Anastasia says:

    Enjoy your travels and your sabbatical. I do hope your time off is rejeuvenating. You\’ve certainly put forth some wonderful things into the world with your words – some of which have landed, grown and gone to seed yet again. Never doubt the value your positive thoughts and generous nature. I very much hope to "see" you again, wherever you should land next!

  4. Betty says:

    Hi Jorge,I shall miss you.Betty

  5. J says:

    You will be missed. Be well Jorge.j

  6. Charlotte says:

    Be well on your sabatical, you have given me much hope and inspiration, to say nothing of the encouragement the past few months. I will miss you and hope you will return as time and thought permit. Enjoy your travels and we will look forward to the photos upon your return. hugs, lottemae

  7. Marilena says:

    make sure you post your new address if you decide to move elsewhere…

  8. Stephen Craig says:

    Jorge, Your contributions to the community of Windows Live Spaces are valued by many. The Medico Musing posts are informative, creative, well written, sometimes funny, and ever cause pause, thought, and reflection. I hope your travels will be a great success.As ever be well, Stephen Craig RoweP.S. Here is a link to one of my other " venues "

  9. Fenix says:

    Hello Jorge:Enjoy your travels. I hope to see you soon, here or in another websiteA big hug. Be well

  10. Holy says:

    Enjoy your time away in February – and by all means, if the urge to post pictures and a travel narrative of your journeys strikes you, know that you will still have a captive audience.You capture my sentiment exactly. I somehow haven\’t been feeling compelled to share either lately – even though there has not been a lack of events to weigh in on. I think I\’m ranted and blogged out, but who knows? Anyhoo, I won\’t say I miss you and give you big sloppy kisses because I know you won\’t be going far and that this isn\’t goodbye so much as, hasta luego….PS – if you decide to move blogs, it would be uber-nice if you moved to blogger – then I could ditch my hotmail e-mail..)

  11. Aafrica says:

    have a good time while away! but do come back. i\’ll miss your poems and humors.

  12. Embrace says:

    You will be missed. I hope all is well . Have a Great Feb and time awayLisa Thinking about you

  13. Gelert says:

    Jorge. I am amazed how sorry I am that you will not be here, posting.

  14. Neora Chana says:

    Hope your travels are fun and that you find your way to continuing here when you return. I find your posts very meaningful.

  15. redvelvet says:

    Yes, each time they "upgrade," I like my space less and less. If you move, let me know where you are. I might decide to change "neighborhoods" myself. Hope your year is starting off well. Hugs.

  16. Michelle says:

    I hope you do decide to return after a break because so many of us will miss YOU. I think in blogland that we all take breaks with writing and reading blogs but it definitely is a close community of sharing. We each gain inspiration, support and friendship and most of all, wisdom from each other. I have to say that on my blog I do not pass much wisdom on LOL but just ramble on about my life experience but everybody is unique. You are my source of wisdom and encouragement!Have a great travel and I will "stay tuned". As always, Take plenty of beautiful pictures for remembrance on your travels and have a great time!Abrazos,Michelle

  17. Jana says:

    Hi Jorge!I will definitely still read you even if you will move somewhere else. I am sticking with msn spaces. Hopefully they will improve some of those changes. Enjoy your traveling and I am looking forward to see some pictures and some of yours writing!Jana.

  18. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Jorge,I am saddened by the possibility of loosing my favorite blogger. I have always enjoyed reading your blogs and there was always reason for pause. I too have been in a hibernating mode but attribute that to the winter malaise. It has been long and hard with still 6 to 8 inches of that ugly whiteness on the ground. I love the visual images of winter snow, and the sights and sounds that come with it, but old winter snow looses its luster. I suspect that we\’ll have another at least another 6 weeks before my body will feel the warmth of the sun, and heard the sounds of spring with its greening etc.I have tried my hand at bread making and was very pleased with the outcome. A very simple recipe but wonderfull crusty fresh bread. Will have to try it in a week or two. Well my friend, I hope you and family are well and truly look forward to seeing you again. Bittersweet

  19. Jane says:

    You will be missed

  20. sweeti's says:

    Jorgei know ur doing good..i hope…u will have a reason to stop..But one day i hope to read onmy blog…HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IM BACKbe well and lots of love for u and ur loved onesMJ

  21. PJ says:

    Good Evening Jorge,Just dropping by to wish you well and also to tell you that you are missed./ Be well, my Friend.Paula

  22. Joe says:

    Yes, in the words of my virtual friend, "Be Well".– Joe

  23. Deborah says:

    I just got back from my sabbatical and yes, it seems that when I click on the icon for Jorge it should take me straight to your space, not to your profile page and then have to click on Space to come here. Thats not so bad, but to get back to mine I must click on the back arrow three times. Sheesh. But losing you to another space would be sad. I still visit Nadine but she is the only one and I confess I don\’t get there often. But then I haven\’t been visiting much at all lately. Be well, can\’t wait to see the photos.Blessed be

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