My favorite poet and his wife are back in Paris, so I once again have enough time to get back to what has become a rather neglected blog here at Medico Musings. I tried to check in on several of you during this hiatus, but have not had enough time to leave any meaningful comments. My apologies!
I doubt most of you get off on typography, but it’s an arcane topic that has a curious draw for me. Not long ago, PBS ran a special on this topic, and more recently, the following news item caught my attention. (I’ll allow you to form your own opinion on how this reflects on my personality or character.)

Extra-Slanty Italics Introduced for Extremely Important Words

NEW HOPE, MN—In an attempt to address writers’ ever-growing word-emphasis needs, Minnesota-based Pica Foundry has developed a new, extra-slanty italic font, design director Jordan Soderblum announced Monday.

“When writing important words, authors too often bypass regular italics in favor of all capital letters, which not only look awkward but also disrupt the flow of the text,” said Soderblum, whose new italics design is slanted at a more acute 60-degree angle instead of the normal 75. “We believe that the additional 15 degrees of slant will allow authors to create a much more intense and immediate reading experience.”

Soderblum said that his design team is currently developing a demi-semibold typeface for writers who “kind of, but not really” want to accentuate subheadings.


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10 Responses to Italics

  1. Neora Chana says:

    Hey! How are you? Good to see you back.I think your interest in this kind of topic is more a reflection of intelligence than personality. I know many highly intelligent people who find arcane or odd bits of information interesting. If it helps, I read cookbooks and etiquette books for fun….Shabbat Shalom.

  2. sweeti's says:

    Nice to see u back again Jorge.and ur fav Poet…. is back to the city of lights.PAris the city for lovers .yeah yeahwell reading books is what we all do..One read medical ones and some read comicsBut the type of letter for subheadings …hmmmwell i can say that some kind of letter reads easier than the other.Remember the old bookswith de drawings the design team are working on it ..On a letter type…can u imagine.Njoy ur weekend Jorge and back to the normal stress???A warm smile from BelgiumMJ

  3. Deborah says:

    My boss and his friend are going to Paris next week and are renting a condo in the 3rd arrondizement (I know I botched the spelling there) and I couldn\’t be more envious. I keep getting invitations from friends in England and Scotland where I would be welcome to bunk down, but so far nothing from the City of Light. I have moved on from my sister\’s house, and living with a lady trucker. She is currently working during the week in Eastern Washington and only home on the weekends. I am delighted with my new situation and really haven\’t been this happy in a long while. Thanks for sharing this with us. As a writer I often use italics, nor would I dream of using all caps for emphasis. Blessed Be

  4. Stephen Craig says:

    Jorge, Don\’t know If I mentioned this but while in high school was an apprentice in an old hot lead typesetting shop and there became familiar with various fonts and typefaces. Ever an avid reader the experience gave me a greater fondness for the word and what it took to make words. The chemo has shrunk the tumor enough that my surgeon is anxious to remove it and do a resection. He wants me off of the Avastin at least a month prior to the operation. My last round of Avastin will be on Sep 2 and have a CT scan and surgeon consult on Sep 23. Can olny guess when the surgery will be but will keep you informed. If you have time this weekend give me a call andAs ever be well

  5. Betty says:

    Hi Jorge,You are a much more faithful blogger than I am.So happy for you that you had a visit from your son.Betty

  6. Beth says:

    Great to see a post from you Jorge. The new font sounds very interesting.

  7. Charlotte says:

    okkkkkkkkkk, well, that is good to know…… after just leaving bold type on my blog….. I\’ll have to see about italic slant next time. to emphasize something. hope all is well with you this weekend. hugs, lottemae

  8. barbara says:

    Summer has ended. I hope it was a good one for you and productive in many ways.

  9. LORI says:

    I am GUILTY of capitalizing important words within a sentence. I will convert to the new stylized italics…

  10. Jana says:

    Hi Jorge!As I attended Polygraphic school I have quite great passion for typography. It sounds interesting and I would need to see if it is more readable as they say. And what it says about you? that you have a wide spectrum of interest and that you are open minded and for sure intelligent. But I already knew it before this entry.

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