Food For Thought(less)

These were funny enough I wanted to share them with my readers. If you enjoyed them as well, leave a comment with the man who posted them.

P.S. Parenthetically Speaking


This post is a wild mix of fun facts, commentary, and anecdotes about my life. If you’ve ever ridden a rollercoaster while stitching up a hole in your own abdomen, this post is for you. I give you my word that at least one thing will make you ponder.


“I knew my instincts were right about how stupid the guy was. Blondes kept telling jokes about him.” – X


People look at me like I’m crazy when I mention déjà rêvé. It’s a cousin of déjà vu, except it’s the sensation you’ve dreamed the moment instead of experiencing it.


“Yes, he listens carefully. The problem is that he’s the only one talking.” – X


I was born in Brinkley, Arkansas, inside Monroe County. My Mom’s maiden name was “Winston,” we lived on “Easy Street,” and my first pet’s name was “Grandpa.” Some of that’s true if…

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2 Responses to Food For Thought(less)

  1. X Teri says:

    How do I follow or subscribe to your blog? I must be blind. 🙂

  2. timfergudon says:

    Hi I have never said, “Hey Siri, what is…”, so many times in such a shot period of time!! I will never think of a Count the same way. And considering the consequence of inconsequence is like figuring out infinity. But I really can’t forgive you for maligning cornflakes the way you did!!!! Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

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