A Departure

It’s another Poetry Monday. Hope you survived the weekend. Here are some words from Peter Ferenczi to help place you in a different mindset than the one you currently hold.


a departure


my final night in New York

delayed by idiots at the postal drop

(how hard is it to print a shipping label?)

I ring her doorbell, late.


it’s another last

in a trickle that began months ago,

a dribble swollen to a flood

in the looming shadow of departure.


each last pops with flashbulb intensity.

bright, Technicolor enhanced,

drawn meticulously detailed by a mind

trying to burn itself on a moment.


her shadow coalesces from the hallway’s gloom,

silhouette abstracted by the frosted glass.

the shuffle of her slippered feet,

door opens to let a last dissolve into the night.


inside, the lingering smells of cooking,

the walls I helped paint,

the 70’s couch where we watched videos on

quiet evenings, the television turned low.


we sit there now, the TV on,

trading trivialities for a while;

we talk around the finality of it.

then we go into her bedroom.



the taxi idles in the street.

on the stoop in the blood-warm dark,

I kiss her as if I’ll be back tomorrow


and I’m gone, rolling towards Brooklyn.

“girlfriend?” asks the cabby.

“yeah – no, not any more.”





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