A Defeat

It’s Poetry Monday, and here is another selection from Maps, the poetry collection about travel and the common themes that introspection on the road can give to all of us.

a defeat

pulling into a new city,

cloud-muted dawn

thin as patience

after sleepless train night.

collapsed into a single blurred

blunt old pocket knife,

brain-fuzzed eye-skuzzed,

blind to perspective.

the albatross pack,

drizzle working into clothes,

map-defying tangle of streets,

voices masked in foreign tongues.

and it’s on me

like an old flame

once wisely extinguished

dropping by the apartment

on a solitary drunken night:

a sweet welling hopelessness

(a twinge of disgust)

but it comes on, comes on,

and I yield to it.

p. ferenczi

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1 Response to A Defeat

  1. dessertflower5 says:

    Quite a relatable poem.

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