Welcome to Poetry Monday, and a small dose of normalcy before enduring the results of the elections tomorrow. Hopefully, you will have all exercised your plebiscite.


We like our numbers and measurements,

quantification against chaos,

hope in description as prediction,

so we count our years together

and smile at the compounding interest.

But that evolving whole may be

less than the sum of the parts that endure unchanged,

the quiet barnacle savagery of bonds

that disdain the slip of seconds into years,

the interlocking selves that remain constant,

constantly surprised by what changes

with the accumulation of time

while retaining their elemental stainless shine,

their secret mass and velocity counted in nameless units

meaning the difference 

between collision, near miss,

and a stable binary orbit.

p. ferenczi

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3 Responses to Enduring

  1. dessertflower5 says:

    This was a amazing.

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