It’s another Monday, following an eventful week. That means it’s Poetry Monday. The title of today’s poem, though not dealing with the issues facing us today, embodies the wish that many of us have for our country. Be well, be safe.



the discovery as one foot follows the other:

there is no alone.

I am always with myself.

a realization as liberating as dreaming,

lesson lost from childhood,

hidden these years in company and distraction.

my mind is a snail shell.

thoughts run the inward spiral

a gravitational path

a closing orbit

faster toward the center

spinning to comprehension.


I and I are we.

usually, we are quiet.

we observe as one.

we note how the sunflowers stare across their field,

craning necks, searching horizon for what has gone

but might return.

in silence we hear the clap of confident sandals

stride across a Roman living room,

the sure step of a man who knows empire will endure.

we finger a blue ribbon of sky

pinched over an alley

and crosshatched with a cotton contrail


we speak and listen

like a juggler throws and catches.

we do not discuss the weather or sports.

p. ferenczi

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