What You Need

It’s Poetry Monday, so let us continue with our recent theme of travel. In these times of dystopia, it’s good to at least dream of future possibilities.

what you need

nothing except warm clothes,

a way to get around – that could be feet-

a brain and an eye and an ear that work.

food important for burning in the body furnace

but food is cheap easy compared to drink-

drink costs cash and time so learn to burn without.

tap is fine – toilets cheaper than bottles.

sleep is key for refraction reflection,

happens alongside moments borrowed in chairs

moments gifted in beds of others preoccupied or not.

something sharp for cutting poking hopefully not stabbing.

soap tempting but leads to showers – a dead end fungus.

for brain faults backup recording-

bound paper and nub to write with-

blood is ink but let’s be serious.

cameras are for thieves and blinding-

Kodak if you must

but then leave extra looking space.

a lack of company

surplus time and youth helpful-

two of three will do but why not go whole hog

and youth is not years remember.


the desire.

p. ferenczi

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