Need a Smile?

If you are like me, you’re likely tired by now of the profusion of bad news flooding our lives, ranging from tragic to infuriating, from sad to incomprehensible. Here then, is a moment to stop, relax, and hopefully, move on with a smile. Be well!

Bought vs Homemade

Six year old Annie returns home from school and says she had herfirst family planning lesson at school.Her mother, very interested, asks; “How did it go?””I nearly died of shame!” she answers.”Sam from over the road, says that the stork brings babies.Sally next door said you can buy babies at the orphanage.Pete in my class says you can buy babies at the hospital.”Her mother answers laughingly, “But that’s no reason to be ashamed.”

“No, but I can’t tell them that we were so poor that you and daddy had to make me yourselves!”

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