The First Step

It’s Monday, and what better way to start the week than with a poem! In the midst of a general lock-down, we can only dream of starting another travel adventure. Like all adventures, it begins with the first step, the title of today’s Poem of the Week. Enjoy, be well, stay safe.

the first step

on the rim of this bowl

standing with toes out over the edge.

the opposite side winks across the distance of three months.

one step will begin the plunge.

two points and a trajectory-

what lies between?


opportunity, hunks of clay waiting to be molded.

adversity, to be stumbled on like a landmine.

            (but let us hope not an actual landmine)

adventure like a hot wire of chance charged with the current of risk,

or: the balancing of opportunity and adversity.

the only certain is the unknown:

a forest of moments

yet seed in the fertile future

waiting for the days and nights

to be born.

p. ferenczi

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