The Intellect Holds Forth

Welcome back to Poetry Monday. I’m sure you all know at least one person who delights in playing games of one-upmanship, who always ask questions of their diminishing number of friends with hopes they will not have the answer. If you know someone like that, this poem is for you.

the intellect holds forth

being a snob is fun and easy

when you figure you’ve got it figured.

once you’ve staked your enlightened aerie,

alone, distant, a guru wizard,

then clearly you’ll be looking downward

since that’s where the masses struggle for breath,

taking their pleasure as just reward

though from up high it looks like death.

no worries about missing the worthy few;

surely they’ll be elevated too.

floating over the crowd, they’ll be obvious-

and anyway, they’ll be looking for you.

p. ferenczi

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