Hope – The Best Gift for Christmas

As we rapidly approach this Christmas, many I know have expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the coming holiday. Certainly, if Christmas is little more to you than the wrapping of presents, the exchange of gifts, or a big family meal, this feeling of letdown is understandable.  With restrictions on travel and social gatherings, the upcoming celebration will be a toned down affair from prior years. Perhaps, we needed a reminder to help us refocus on the true meaning of Christmas – the arrival of hope, the fulfilling of a promise made long ago, a gift more precious than we are able to appreciate.  In the midst of this horrible pandemic, as many are faced with financial crisis, personal loss, and diminished health, we all need a reminder that we also need to be grateful for what we still have, and accept the message of hope that comes to us from over 2000 years ago. Hope, like humor, permits us to focus upon and bear what is too terrible to be borne. As G.K. Chesterton pointed out, “Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate.” Regardless of your individual circumstances, this is a time to reach out and embrace each other, encourage your fellow travelers on this tiny orb we call Earth, and pass on to the one nearest to you the light which hope brings to the darkness surrounding us all.

Merry Christmas from Medico Musings.

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2 Responses to Hope – The Best Gift for Christmas

  1. Corkywk says:

    You are right Jorge! It has been a dark and trying year and the arrival of Christmas for many will indeed reflect that. And in reality, how can it not? Many have suffered greatly. Are in fact, still suffering! So for those, Christmas this year will be like no other — Sadly, more Black than White.

    But A light does now shine at the end of the tunnel. Science giving us an early Christmas present. A gift of much needed Hope. And a gift, for all mankind! So perhaps with this new-found hope of better days to come, and in lieu of our regular celebrations of retail gifts, large family feasts and personal tradition — One of reflection and hope is better suited?

    And sacrifice! For the war is far from over and containing the virus still demands personal sacrifice in cooperation with others. And seeing that it is Christmas? What greater gift can one give than self-sacrifice for the love and well-being of each other.

    Who knows, you may even end up saving lives! May in fact, be the greatest gift you’ve ever given. And isn’t giving what Christmas is really all about? — Merry Christmas Jorge! To you and Yours!
    Be well and be safe!

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    Thank you for you kind words, as well as for the time you take in responding to my scribbles. I hope Christmas brings joy to you and yours, and share your hope for a kinder New Year for all of us. We will celebrate with gratitude for all our blessings, of which friendship is high on the list. Be well, stay healthy, and Merry Christmas!

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