How History Works

This is the last Poetry Monday of 2020. Like me, I suspect most of you are happy to see this year end, though I’m sure it’s a year we will all talk about for some time to come. For now, take a minute to reflect on this poetry offering of the year. May 2021 be a better year for all of us!

how history works

they raged against it,

that steel abomination,

that industrial phallus upthrust,

poised to rape the Parisian sky.

it was the artists and writers

who denounced it,

the aesthetes who wanted it pulled down.

and almost,

it was.

after the World’s Fair,

no longer needed

to celebrate the power of the Revolution,

the tower was promised to the scrap yard.

then someone said,

“well, we could put a radio antenna up there.”

p. ferenczi

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