On The Beach

Yes, Monday has again arrived, the last one in February. Time for a little contemplation, and another offering from the Poem of the Week. Be well, enjoy!

I was near the water’s shifting edge,

standing in a temporary pool left by the receding tide.

you waded out into the shallow tussling wavelets.

the early afternoon sunshine was like wind,

its ferocity prickling the skin,

its brightness leaving nothing hidden, no darkness.

it lit my awareness

of breathing the humid salt air,

the breeze ruffling the hair on my chest,

my heart doing its twitch,

lunch dissolving in my stomach,

blood flowing in my ears.

the sun melted the usual illusions:

I stood in myself as a conscious animal.

the city behind us evaporated in the sun.

I surveyed the ocean as if I had just crawled out of it.

foreground: you, stooping to pick up a shell in the shallows,

looking incredibly fertile.

background: the liquid slab of the sea, unknowable.

I was just a mammal contemplating its origins on the shore.


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2 Responses to On The Beach

  1. Beautiful post. It’s like being there enjoying the beach. Thanks. Stay safe.

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post. Keep up your own good work!

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