A Brief Visit Outside of Time

Stepping Out of Time

There is little question the past 12 months have been hard on all of us, hard on the world. At some moments in our personal journey on this orb hurtling relentlessly through space, we need to create a pause, a brief waystation out of time, a momentary respite to allow us to catch our breaths, and reflect on our purpose, our goals, and the nature of who we are. For me, the piano music of Erik Satie, the visceral feel of John Coltraine’s saxophone, the magic carpet of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, along with certain canvases of the French Impressionists, allow me to step out of ordinary time, the one marked by the fleeting seconds of my watch, and into another dimension, where neither movement nor duration exists. Here, there is no before, no after, no anticipation of what is to come. The clocks are silent, as if gripped with respect. Time has stopped; all movement is suspended, freed of the pull of gravity, while the rest of the world continues at its hectic pace. These bubbles of quiet solitude invite us to breathe in slowly, and exhale our anxiety, our stress, our rush to be somewhere else, to be doing something. We can allow ourselves, just for a brief respite, to be, to appreciate a moment, to experience rapture in the beauty that had created this spot out of ordinary time.

Nature shares in this creative power; a sea, eternally licking at the sand on the shore when not pounding the rocks with its might; a mountain resplendent in spring flowers sending its scent into the cool morning air; the myriad of stars filling the velvet night with promises of distant worlds. Each of us has their own dreams. All you need is to become receptive, allow yourself to become aware. And if the conditions are right, something fantastic happens: time becomes timeless, the air grows purer, and peace surrounds you. This state is short, ephemeral, before time begins to move again. However, even when the enchantment is over, you are left with a new sense of vitality. You move on with your life, reinvigorated, renewed.  

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