Storm Tossed Come I

For all those who are recovering from Tropical Storm Claudette, here is a poem for our Poetry Monday. And for all the fathers out there, I hope you were celebrated yesterday for the role you are playing in your children’s lives. Be well!


From turbulent seawaters, storm-tossed come I,

Foam-sprayed and wave-licked and wretched.

Tempters and tempests abound in the oceans.

In maelstroms and whirlpools I fought for my life.

Entangling seaweed prohibited my progress,

And vestiges of barnacles still cling to my sides.

But here in the harbor tranquility reigns.

Soft shimmering blue lights beckoning me

To watery embrasure, to rippling wavelets

Inhabited only by angelfish, promise

Nonpareil shelter. My moorings are anchored,

No salty wanderlust can call me to stray from my port.

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