Covid’s Impact on Relationships

A funny thing happened during the pandemic. Contrary to the expectations of the pundits, not only did breakups and divorces not increase, but almost 20% of couples reported an improvement in the state of their relationship  (June 26,2021 WSJ article) as a result of being forced to spend considerably more time together than some had ever done before. Working from home, the closure of schools, restrictions on travel – all combined to force people to spend more time in each other’s company, talking, sharing meals, solving problems together. For many, the silver lining of Covid-19 was the formation of stronger personal bonds, the enjoyment of each other’s company, and a slowing of incredible busyness that has become the hallmark of so many of our lives. The sale of board games, jigsaw puzzles, gardening implements have skyrocketed. Many of us, suddenly conscious of our own mortality and the need for human connection, found ourselves reaching out to and connecting with old friends and family members from whom we had become disconnected.  Others, given time to reflect on their choices of careers and how that had impacted their personal lives, have decided they are no longer willing to return to the rat race of long commutes, frequent absences from friends and family, and are choosing jobs that allow them to continue to work from home, even if it means less pay or chance of advancement.

How has Covid affected you? Do you find any benefits from the enforced rest placed upon many of us? Do you feel your personal relationships have been strengthened or become more strained? Have you made any, or plan on any changes in your life as a result of recent events? I would love to hear your thoughts. Until then, be well, stay safe.

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7 Responses to Covid’s Impact on Relationships

  1. Diana says:

    Very interesting post! Personally, I lost a major friendship during COVID and strengthened 2 others unexpectedly! It’s both painful and rewarding to discover what connections can last just through phone calls and texts alone during these crazy times. Lots of life lessons learned.

  2. Susi Bocks says:

    Overall, I think the introverted side of me loved the situation. It allowed me to enjoy not being out in the “real world.” It’s like it gave me the “right” to be my normal self. So in that regard, it was good.

    However, being restricted this last year has the downside of feeling like I couldn’t live life on my own terms, so that was an odd and depressing thing. I would say that it caused a bit of depression and anxiety above the norm for me that I hadn’t expected.

    As to my personal relationships, yes and no. While all my friendships are on hold with respect to visiting, it only strengthened us, and being able to see them recently has been joyous. The intimate relationships on the other hand were difficult to have around 24/7. I seriously couldn’t wait for my husband to return to work as his presence at home seriously cut into my “quality time” with myself. LOL

    I think the only thing I will change is to speak up more when I need more “me” time but get out more now that I have more freedom being vaccinated. Well, I guess it will also depend on the variants that are out there too.

  3. mitchteemley says:

    Our COVID experience, especially during the lockdown days, was very much in line with your findings.

  4. Jorge Medico says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and share. I always enjoy your site. Be well!

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