New Beginnings Are Hard

New beginnings are hard. Sometimes we make a conscious choice to start over again, or at least change directions. At other times, the decision is forced upon us. Regardless how it comes about, change represents both danger and opportunity. In my world, we are awash in a sea of changes, most not of our choosing. All this brings me to the following for our Monday Poem of the Week:

Poem not containing the word snake

This morning on the garden path I find a whorl

of scaled collodion shed overnight, complete

from corneas to tail, a sinuous coil

of glistening membrane, its former occupant

now rippling the grass. I wonder

when that time arrived, what signal flared?

Restrictive pellicle, old eyes dim –

no  thought of venom, then, or prey.

Which reminds me of our talk

last night, how hard it is to change

oneself for good. How hard to know

the right time to slip off

a useless skin, the right time

to begin again.

Ted McMahon

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2 Responses to New Beginnings Are Hard

  1. Jorge, Your soulful poem makes the reader thoughtful. Yes, I agree with you – new beginnings are difficult. But a new beginning always begins with the first step in a new direction.
    New beginnings mean that you leave the past behind and look ahead.
    Jorge, I wish you all the best! Rosie 🌈😘 β˜€οΈ

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    I love your positive energy, reflected in your comments as well as in your art. Thanks for taking the time to connect. Connections are how friendships develop. Be well. πŸ™‚

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