A Midwinter Letter

Another week has started, so it must be time for Monday’s Poem of the Week. Fall just started, but it’s never too early to look forward to snow. Enjoy.


It has been snowing all morning,
light flakes, none of them ready to rest.
They dance against the gray-green cedars
beyond the window, each snowflake
easy to pick out and follow,
enjoying itself, lifting and gliding,
playing for time against the inevitable.

On the windowsill, a photograph
of my mother at eighty, strong and confident,
blue dress, a simple string of pearls.
With each year she looked more like her father who lived to be nearly one hundred.
Both of them smile at me out of her face
and I can feel others standing behind them.
I lift on their breath and sail on.

                                                – Ted Kooser

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