Gone Today

For the upcoming months, I’m delighted to intermittently share with you the poetry of a creative writer and friend, all of whose work can be found on his website, http://www.phrenopolis.com

Gone Today

O, fickle firmament
Your vexing impermanence
Has somehow deleted my keys
Curse my stupidity
Belief in solidity
Lies of the clouds and the breeze Physics is wedlock
On marshmallow bedrock
When things cease to be without cause
Confidence shattered
Conservation of matter
Those guidelines we all thought were laws In objects, capacity
For existence tenacity
Is assumed as a point of respect
But this impropriety
Gorges anxiety
Over what things will disappear next Oh wait! Here they are
That’s rather bizarre
I checked there before
Three times, maybe more
Yet suddenly, these
Incorporeal keys
Have revised their decision to be
Should my trust be restored
This infraction ignored
Or are you just screwing with me?

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