Quantum Phantom

I’m again grateful for Dave’s willingness to share his poetry during the holiday season when we are all busy getting ready for our celebrations. Monday’s Poem of the Week wishes all our readers a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Quantum Phantom

The quantum phantom in my head
Quantum savors fresh-baked bread
Remembers passwords, loves my wife
Quantum consciously lives my life
Quantum thinks and quantum feels
Quantum morals and ideals
Ironic quantum irony
Quantum data, quantum me The time in kindergarten class
In dim Louisiana past
When Gary Allison and I
Ate paper napkins, don’t ask why
Is chronicled in mystic ways
By quantum structures in my brain
The phantom’s comprehensive notes
In microscopic dust and motes “Phosphorylated tubulins”
Can vibrate empathy and sins
Or so they say, it’s science talk
With terms I quantum fail to grok
My phantom does not have the means
To comprehend its own routines
But I’m recursively coerced
The phantom quantum writes this verse And there is Gary, there is me
We’re chomping paper gleefully
Just ripples in a quantum sea
Just marks in molecule debris
Our smuggled napkins quantum specks
Proceeding down our quantum necks
And echoing for forty years
Between the quantum phantom’s ears

Copyright © 2014 by Dave Grossman

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