The Golden Rule

These Golden Rules are great thoughts for starting your week!

Banter Republic

Whoever has gold makes the rules. As a matter of fact, they are entitled to making it up as they go along. Do unto others before they do one to you. Before they can anticipate where you’re headed, strike! Always maintain the element of surprise. And remember to stay wicked. You can’t love gold and still love people. You have to make a choice. Ask Judas.

As a man, there are two golden rules in life. Rule number one, the wife is always right. Rule number two, when you feel she’s wrong, slap yourself and read rule number one again. There is a name for people who are always wrong about everything all the time. They’re called husband! Marriage is like an orchestra. Interestingly, an orchestra also has two golden rules. Start together, and finish together. The audience does not give a damn about what goes on in between. If…

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