Project Clog

How many of us are unaffected by rush hour traffic, looming deadlines, personal and family demands, emails waiting for response? Not many, sad to say. Which is the reason why the following poem from my brilliant friend Dave strikes so close to home. Thanks to his insights, here is this Monday’s Poem of the Week.

Project Clog

Too many cars on the two lane road of a day with only twenty-four hours
Too many odds and ends and now we cannot open the kitchen drawer
Plaque inside the arteries of wings of opportunity, building up and crippling the pathways as it hardens
Too many kids causing chaos in the class of the poor beleaguered teacher of my mental kindergarten
Too many people in the lines at the convention
Too many facts for any shot at comprehension
Enumerating numerals too numerous to mention
Too many metaphors, vying for attention Projects next to projects next to things I need to do
The bigger that the pile becomes the less I follow through
I have a bit of time to tackle something on the list
The question I’m incapable of answering is which? Doorknobs, windows, leaks, and other simple home repair
Longer term endeavors such as web design and software
Organize the office or the tools or paint the shed
Write or draw or dig or maybe solder things instead
Finish off that ebook, fix the bike, or plant the peas
Engineer world peace or fight starvation or disease
Dominate the markets, pass some laws, or stage a coup
Save endangered species, raise a teenager or two And as I list them now I feel the urge to go and do
No idea what as yet but surely this is true:
I don’t have the time to waste to talk to any of you
Or even write this poem
So I guess that means it’s through

Copyright © 2013 by Dave Grossman

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3 Responses to Project Clog

  1. Excellent!!! And salient to my life in too many ways.

  2. Perfect post that everyone should read. Our World, our space, our lives are so clogged up it has been very unhealthy and miserable. We need to breath. We need to feel happy and free. Clog cause heart attack and stroke, but clog can be anything that suffocated us Internal and external.

  3. Jorge Medico says:

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Be well.

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