What We Carry

This Monday’s Poem of the Week was inspired by the the best seller about the Vietnam War of similar name. In any war, soldiers have to decide on what is most essential in carrying out their mission. Hope you enjoy today’s verse.

What We Carry

My first black bag too small

to hold my store of insecurities

I traded up to satchel size.

Mnemonics, formularies, vials

of scent to test that oft-ignored

first cranial nerve, reflex hammer,

tuning forks in several keys.

Eye charts, growth charts, BP

cuffs in several sizes, tape measure

cotton wisp, and a pin.

The medical equivalent

of a hardware store.

I carried it, a heavy comfort

all those years, then left it home.

Lighter now, silver haired, I enter rooms

alone save for a simple stethoscope

and a pair of ears.

  • Edward M. McMahon Jr, MD
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3 Responses to What We Carry

  1. My regular doctor is a Physician’s Assistant. Her expertise and knowledge is very apparent but the thing that has me enamored with her is the time she takes to listen. 6+ months pass and when we have another appointment, she never fails to recall prior conversations and concerns.

    Add to this, her medical assistant, when she calls, is also informed and asks about any concerns that were brought up. I consider that an extension of her method and concern.

    I out of the area a couple years ago but I am happy to make the drive when necessary. Ears are excellent medical equipment.

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    I’m glad you’ve been able to commect with someone you trust, and someone who cares. Be well!

  3. Jorge Medico says:

    Meant “connect”.

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