I vote

With Election Day tomorrow, I’m grateful to my friend Dave who wrote the following poem, so appropriate for the occasion. Please do your part – vote with conscience.

I Vote
I vote to increase my personal wealth
From out of the wallet of somebody else
I vote for more freedom to do what I do
And less for activities I don’t pursue
I vote for the state to afford me protection
From anyone who may not share my direction
But not to impose any kind of restriction
On MY business, which should be my jurisdiction
I vote for new rules that bend things in my favor
Impose regulations if I get a waiver
I vote for a government brimming with vision
I vote for myself to approve all decisions
I vote for new programs but not for new tax
Some nebulous future can shoulder the impact
I vote that “The Government” pays for such things
Assurance and service without any strings
I vote for my neighbor to go fight a war
To tax all the foods I don’t like at the store
I vote for the rich to be nice to the poor
I vote that you can’t overturn things I vote for
I vote against people with character flaws
Whose thoughts and behaviors are stuck in my craw
The making of loud slurping noises with straws
It just isn’t right and there should be a law
I vote against reprobates, perverts and wastrels
I vote against anyone I find distasteful
I vote to support people who are like me
Who see things exactly the way that I see
I vote to have everyone share my opinion
For my personal taste to be legal dominion
I’m voting for you to live life how I say
I have friends who vote too, so I will get my way

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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2 Responses to I vote

  1. Amazing.. I wish I wrote this.

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